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Explore God Week Two


When you meet a new person, how do you get to know them? Fundamentally, you talk to them. You spend time with them. Well, if there is a God—a personal, knowable God—how do we get to know him? We talk to him. As you may know, the act of talking to God is often called “prayer.” That sounds simple enough. But what is prayer, exactly? And how do you do it? How do you talk to someone who doesn’t necessarily talk back to you—audibly, at least? Is there a certain protocol we need to follow to talk to God? What does prayer look like—and how can we know if God is listening? Let’s take a look at this film and then discuss it together.

Week Two Guide

During the Week


Steps to Success

This week, you’ll be walking through what prayer is, how to pray, and how to listen for God’s voice. Below are some ideas to try out, as well as related content for you to share with your group.

  • Pray together. Many spiritual disciplines, such as prayer, come to be understood through experiences more than through teachings. Therefore, rather than teaching about prayer and then leaving people to figure out the rest on their own, see your group as an opportunity to disciple one another by modeling how to pray together.

  • Tailor the prayer time to your group. Depending on the dynamics of your group, you may want to spend some time praying out loud together at the end of your session. If you sense that would be too much of a leap for your crowd, consider playing soft music and creating space for people to pray silently at the end of the session. You could even provide paper and pens for participants to journal. If you feel comfortable, you can close out the time by praying out loud.

  • Ask for prayer requests. If you share prayer requests, be sure to follow up with people and ask for an update. Pray regularly for your participants, having faith that God hears your prayers and wants to reveal himself to your group.

Tip for Today: Check In During the Week

How can you reach out to each participant during the week? Could you share a meal, send a thoughtful text, or help out in some way? How can you show participants that your group is more than just a weekly meeting? How can you help foster the feeling that your group is a family that loves one another?

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