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We all have questions when it comes to faith. Here at TVC, we believe that Faith is a journey - NOT a destination. This There are 8 total weeks, discussing the foundations of the Christian faith and how to get started on your own faith journey. This is not meant to be a lesson but a discussion. After each video, there are questions to get conversation started. Feel free to add your own questions. This is great for those that are new to faith or new to TVC. 


Week One: Making an Introduction

Week 1 showcases three unique stories of how people encountered God for the first time. This session touches on topics of freedom, surrender, and love. 

When it's all said and done, what does it mean to be a Christian? Is it simply a list of do's and don't's, and if I can check the right boxes, while avoiding the wrong ones, I pass? It sure seems that way, according to some people. But what if Christianity is different than that?

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Week Two: God and Prayer

When you meet a new person, how do you get to know them? Fundamentally, you talk to them. You spend time with them. Well, if there is a God—a personal, knowable God—how do we get to know him? We talk to him. As you may know, the act of talking to God is often called “prayer.” That sounds simple enough. But what is prayer, exactly? And how do you do it? How do you talk to someone who doesn’t necessarily talk back to you—audibly, at least? Is there a certain protocol we need to follow to talk to God? What does prayer look like—and how can we know if God is listening? Let’s take a look at this film and then discuss it together.

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Week Three: God and Scripture

Most people would agree that the Bible is an important piece of literature, an influential text that has lasted millennia. But is it any more than that? Is it more than literature, or history, or art? Is the Bible truly Scripture—God’s written word? If so, how should we approach the Bible? Should we study it like a textbook or treat it as a manual for life? Perhaps even more pressing than all those questions are these: Why should we bother reading the Bible at all? Is it even relevant to life today? What can we learn from it? Let’s watch today’s video and then discuss it together.


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Week Four: God and Community

In today’s highly independent and individualistic world, it’s easy to see one’s faith as a purely personal and private experience. But does this kind of perspective limit our spiritual growth? Do we really need others in our lives—even our spiritual lives? Can being around those we admire and respect lead to positive change in our own characters, habits, and thoughts? If we remain too introspective, we can miss out on the incredible experience of community, of growing in our relationships with others and with God.

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