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Explore God Week Three


Most people would agree that the Bible is an important piece of literature, an influential text that has lasted millennia. But is it any more than that? Is it more than literature, or history, or art? Is the Bible truly Scripture—God’s written word? If so, how should we approach the Bible? Should we study it like a textbook or treat it as a manual for life? Perhaps even more pressing than all those questions are these: Why should we bother reading the Bible at all? Is it even relevant to life today? What can we learn from it?


Week Three Guide

During the Week

Steps to Success

This week, you’ll be talking about the Bible. Some participants will approach the Bible skeptically, wanting to discuss its reliability. Other groups will approach Scripture more practically, wanting to learn how to read it or get more out of it. See below for a few tips to prepare for the week.

  • Take a deeper look. Check out some of the white papers on the Explore God website. These “deeper looks” are downloadable, in-depth papers written more extensively on a given topic. Reading a few of these in preparation for your group can give you a better understanding of some of the themes that may come up. You can even recommend them to your group, if you feel they would be helpful. Here are some good examples:

  • Encourage memorizing Scripture—if it feels right for your group. Meditating on and memorizing Bible verses is a powerful way to store God’s word in your heart. If this feels like a daunting task, start small. Encourage participants to write one verse on a notecard and stick it somewhere they spend time every day, like on the mirror in their bathroom, on their desk at work, or on the dashboard in their car.

  • Ask questions: Don’t lose sight of the importance of asking questions. The best facilitators use questions to encourage self-discovery. Even if you have more experience with the Bible or feel that you have more answers than your peers, try to use that knowledge in the form of questions. Refrain from teaching; encourage exploration.


Tip for Today: Saturate Yourself in Scripture

As you prepare to facilitate your group this week, spend extra time reading the Bible—more than you normally would. Having Scripture fresh in your mind not only transforms you personally but can also help you articulate its truths more clearly. If you’re new to reading the Bible, going through the process will help you engage with your group and give you experiences to share. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend the book of John. You may also want to reference our article “How to Study the Bible.


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