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Explore God Week Four


In today’s highly independent and individualistic world, it’s easy to see one’s faith as a purely personal and private experience. But does this kind of perspective limit our spiritual growth? Do we really need others in our lives—even our spiritual lives? Can being around those we admire and respect lead to positive change in our own characters, habits, and thoughts? If we remain too introspective, we can miss out on the incredible experience of community, of growing in our relationships with others and with God.

Week Four Guide

During the Week

Steps to Success

This is the final week of the Knowing God series, but it does not need to be the final week that your group meets. Push everyone to consider what their next step is in engaging with Serving and Connecting. ​

  • Encourage your group participants to continue exploring, answer the question of where to go from here. Introduce ways that each person in the group can get engaged at TVC.

Tip for Today: Help Participants Plug In

This week makes clear that Christian community is essential for healthy spiritual growth. Help your participants realize the importance of becoming engaged in community and church attendance. Be a source of encouragement as they seek to know God more fully by connecting with a church family. Here are a few articles you can reference:


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Additional Resources 

Download the PDF and send it to your group after you meet. 

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