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Below is a summary of the week and some questions to ask in your Tribe. Feel free to use any of the resources at the bottom too! The idea is that we are growing in our connection with God. 


Tribe Weekly Bible Plan (3 days)
Your New Purpose, Calling, and Assignment


Greetings, thanks for stopping by!

This week we continued discussing the conspiracy from heaven – the plan of salvation and continuing to impact the world the way Jesus did.


Matthew 10:1-5




Components of Compassion are...

Point 1. He called them (Matthew 10:1 NIV)There are two dynamics of God’s call; to be in a relationship with Him and to work for Him. When we are in relationship with God we find real meaning and purpose in life. Working for God is more than just having a job at a church or being a missionary

Point 2. He discipled them (Matthew 10:1 NIV)
Discipling is more than just attending church. Living a life that ministers to others to grow their faith and the kingdom of God is what discipling is all about

Point 3. He gave them authority (Matthew 10:1-2 NIV)

Jesus authorized His disciples, which now includes you and me, to do the same work He did in Gods name. Jesus was a blessing to everyone in the ways He treated them, healed them, provided for them and more. 


Long before you or I entered the scene, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit had conspired to ensure we would someday be with them. This conspiracy was a tremendous act of love on Jesus’ part.

We pray that you are staying intentionally, spiritually connected with God and others. We pray that the authority you have been given is demonstrated daily in your walk with others.


If you haven't yet watched the sermon from this past weekend, we encourage you to check it out. The current sermon video will be available this Tuesday. Click on the link below to view:​


Recent TVC Sermon Video 


1. What change could you make to demonstrate more love in your work place?
2. In your circle of friends or coworkers, who can you begin to disciple?


Check out our leader Library. You can view it online by following this link. We have lots of videos and books to choose from that just might be a great fit for your tribe. 

Consider taking the Spiritual Gifts online assessment. Discover your unique God given gifts!

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