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Is Someone Too Talkative?

As a Tribe leader, sometimes facilitating a group discussion can be challenging! Especially if there is someone who is talking or sharing constantly and not giving the opportunity for others to participate. Here are some tips to address the talkative individual and to encourage the whole Tribe to participate.

  • Sit beside this person. This reduces direct eye contact which can encourage verbal participation.

  • Politely interject when this individual is in the middle of a long speech and say something like, "You have made several excellent points - let's see if there is any response or thoughts to what you have shared."

  • Don't be afraid to ask directly: "what does someone else think?"

  • Encourage the talkative individual to help other people engage (if necessary). You could take them aside and ask them if they would like to help you encourage others to engage in sharing and group discussions.

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