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Facilitate Meaningful Tribe Prayer

Model It

• Pray for your Tribe and the members. Ask God to give you his direction in leadership.

• When you pray out loud in group, keep prayers honest, authentic and from the heart

• Short, simple prayers create safety

• Silent prayers are okay for anyone, especially newcomers

Keep It Safe

• Don’t call on anyone to pray unless you have asked permission beforehand

• Don’t expect everyone to pray every time

• Try to avoid praying in a circle. Allow members to pray one at a time

• As the relationships deepen, a sense of safety will lead to deeper experience in prayer

• Be clear on who will close prayer time

Guide the Prayer

• Give Guidelines but let the Holy Spirit lead

• Avoid lengthy discussions on prayer

• Include prayer each time you meet

• Use a variety of praying methods

What Happens When Tribe Members Commit to Pray for One Another?

Your relationship with Christ and with each other will deepen. You will experience spiritual growth. There is less chance of burnout as you put problems in God’s hands and trust members to his care. You allow the Holy Spirit to work in your Tribe so your time together is filling and refreshing. God will answer your prayers in amazing ways, and your faith will increase

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