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Go After God’s Heart: A Bible Plan for Tribe Leaders

Go After God’s Heart: A Bible Plan for LifeGroup Leaders

I’m up against a chain-link fence trying to find the perfect balance between standing on the balls of my feet to look taller, and plastering my shoulders back to look stronger. The only thing tenser than my abdomen is my brain as it tries to mind-control the two cool, athletic kids who stand five feet of playground concrete in front of me. The line of kickball players has been thinned to just the kid who’s yet to actually kick a ball past the pitcher, and me. Despite all my best antics, it happens. I’m picked last.

Maybe you were never picked last on the playground, or maybe you were. Maybe you had many failed relationships before someone finally stuck around. Perhaps co-workers always seem to make friends or get raises before you. Who knows, maybe it felt like forever before you were asked to mentor or lead a Tribe. If you breathe, you have, like me, in some way felt left behind.

In fact, there’s biblical precedent for leaders feeling last, small, young, and ill-equipped. David—the guy whose lineage bore Jesus—was not even considered for the lineup. Samuel, who was responsible for anointing the next king, passed up all of David’s brothers before his father awkwardly admitted there was still “the youngest.” David came in from the fields somewhere between 10 and 13 years old, dirty, smelling of sheep, and God finally picked him—last.

Your qualifications didn’t call you to leadership—God did.

It doesn’t matter how you’re picked so much as it matters by whom you’re picked. Your qualifications didn’t call you to leadership—God did. And, He didn’t just pick you because you were left over, He picked you to do a work in your heart and the hearts of the people you’re leading. But, He’s going to need you closer to Himself.

Leading a Tribe is about leading people to get close to God, right? But what does that look like in real life? We believe it looks a lot like David’s life—following closely after God yourself. The Tribes team from Life.Church uncovers leadership principles from the life of David, who God Himself called “a man after My own heart.” Start this Bible Plan today, and take a giant step after God’s heart.

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