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Four Things Your Tribe Wants from Its Leader

Four Things Your LifeGroup Wants from Its Leader

What does it take to be the kind of leader people choose to follow—the kind of leader people follow just because they want to? Authors James Kouzes and Barry Posner have conducted extensive research to answer this question. In their book, The Truth About Leadership, they reveal the answer. It might surprise you.

Turns out, we look for four traits in our leaders: honest, forward-looking, inspiring, and competent. These are the most-desired traits across all cultural, ethnic, gender, and age boundaries. So if you want to be a better Tribe Leader, start asking yourself these four questions.

  1. Am I honest? Am I forthright, and can my Tribe count on my character and integrity (1 Peter 3:10-12)? Am I openly sharing my heart or just presenting information about my life? Am I aware of and do I share about my own strengths and limitations?

  2. Am I forward-looking? Am I providing a sense of direction for my Tribe, and does the group know what to expect (Proverbs 29:18)? Am I seeking input from my Tribe about what they need and taking that into consideration?

  3. Am I inspiring? Am I positive and upbeat, and do I lead with passion and energy? Am I encouraging others to reach higher in their walk with Christ and their personal growth (Hebrews 10:24)? Do I inspire my group to embrace a cause in the community?

  4. Am I competent? Am I capable to follow through on what I say I’ll do? Am I working to improve the skills I need to lead my Tribe? Am I comfortable admitting I don’t know something and willing to ask for help if needed (James 1:4-5)?

It’s okay if your answers don’t score perfectly! Bookmark this site, and keep coming back for more content to help you grow as a leader. You can also learn about development opportunities here. Contact your Community Leader at your campus to find out what training and coaching opportunities are available to you as a Tribe Leader. And keep asking questions.

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