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Creating Vision for Your Tribe

Have you ever been in a room with a bunch of two-years-olds? Give them a common game or activity and things go smoothly. Let them do whatever they want and chaos ensues. Shoving, screaming, crying. You name the trouble, kids are getting into it.

Any time people are together without a clear vision, it’s easy for things to get out of control. Instead of growth, you see decay. Instead of creating momentum, you hinder it.

So how do you create a vision for your Tribe? What if you don’t feel like a visionary leader?

First off, don’t burden yourself with forming an end-global-poverty level of vision for your Tribe. Start on a smaller scale with this question: What do you want to see God do within your Tribe in the next six weeks?

Whether it takes six weeks or a lifetime to achieve, a vision is nothing more than a mental picture of your desired destination.

Brainstorm further with these questions:

  • Am I seeing a common area of struggle or need in my Tribe?

  • What burden or passion has God given me that I could instill within my Tribe?

  • How would I like to see people grow in their relationship with Christ?

  • If people were to describe my Tribe, what would I want them to say about it?

Use the answers to those questions to help you fill in this blank.

Over the next six weeks, I want to see God do ____________ in my Tribe.

And there you have it. A vision for your group! A desired destination. Now it’s much easier to plan each week so you’re leading your Tribe one step closer to that destination.

Before you know it, you’ll be growing better together!

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