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If Your Tribe Won’t Grow, Try All 5

First of all, take a second to breathe and think about how great your Tribe is. You’re leading a group of people who get together with the goal to become more like Christ through relationship and service. That’s incredible. No wonder you want to grow. Here are five tips to help you do exactly that.

  1. Be clear. Make sure your Tribe has a clear vision and everyone in your group understands it. This is simple, but you need to have predictable meeting times and locations too.

  2. Enlist help. You’re not the only one who can invite new people. Challenge your whole Tribe to invite someone new.

  3. Mix it up. It’s possible that your vision or routine as a group has reached its potential. Maybe it’s time to expand your vision or change the way you meet. You could serve one week, discuss the next, and then just eat together the next week. Whatever you do, it might be time to throw a change up.

  4. Give people a reason to show. If people aren’t coming back week after week, maybe they feel like they wouldn’t be missed. Spread out responsibility amongst your Tribe. Make someone in charge of communicating during the week and another person in charge of coordinating snacks etc.

  5. Quality x Commitment = Results. It’s not always the best ideas that win. It’s the ideas with the most combined quality and commitment that succeed. You might have a high quality idea for growing your Tribe, but without your group’s commitment, it won’t work. On the inverse, your group might dream up a so-so idea they’re committed to and it will thrive. Both quality and commitment matter. Read the original post from Life.Church at

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